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No EQU4LS in battle...

…As you see those bright red eyes staring at you, you do not have time to think nor look away, as you feel your muscles tighten and turn to stone. You start falling, and close your eyes tight, expecting your motionless body to smash against the floor….but you hit something wet instead and sink in it.

Your instinct takes over and makes you swim toward the surface.

‘Man overboard!’ you hear someone cry.

Your crew gets you back on the deck, and as soon as you set foot on it, it comes back to you. You know who you are.

You know poverty. You know wealth.

But if you have to choose a life, it’s the life on the sea that wins every time. Battling monsters, hunger and foes, you know how to rely on your wits to survive.

One day, you will marry and stay in your Arabian city.

But today is not that day: thirsty for adventure, you get on that ship and become an explorer once again.

What did not kill you seven times will not kill you now.

Teasing Sinbad

This is your final clue. Who are you now?


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Publié le 6 August 2020

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