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Something B1G is Coming...


You know what they say: it’s unwise to look through keyholes! Especially in the ones where two glowing eyes are looking right at you…


What is this world anyway? Where have you fallen this time? And more importantly: are you ready to deal with it?

The piercing-eyed shadow is drawing closer, menacing to come through and reach you any moment now. It’s coming, closer, and the keyhole seems to be getting larger…Two clawed hands appear from each side of the keyhole. Dangling from one of the claws, is a tiny bottle with the label on it.

‘Who am I to be? Big or Small?’

teasing art1

Big. Something big is coming soon.

Each week, we will give you hints to discover more about its surprising and vast universe.

Can you guess who you are to be?


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Publié le 15 July 2020

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