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Downforce : Wild Ride

The crowds in the bleachers are seething with excitement. All bets are off and money is going from one hand to the next. It’s the last round on the tracks. As you get on the course, the thin layer of dust covering the tracks is blown away by the blast of air coming from your raging engine. The sun dazzles you, but you’re looking ahead at your opponent making a fatal mistake: he took a bad turn and can’t seem to gain enough speed. This is your window of opportunity!  You drift to the left, switch gears as you approach the ramp. The engine is roaring. Your car jumps off the ramp and flies for an instant above the blue lagoon! You land on the other side, leaving your opponent behind in the smoke of your exhaust pipe. The audience is going crazy and for one moment, they all watch in awe. Bills are no longer passing from hand to hand. 

Downforce: Wild Ride is the new extension for Downforce, a ruthless racing game where you need to drive your cars skillfully and also bet your money on the winner!

Downforce - Wild Ride, Mockup 3D

Discover two new destinations and  two exceptional, nerve-wrecking routes in this new extension.

The first destination is the Aloha Sands circuit which snakes around a beautiful lagoon. However, don’t get distracted by the scenery! This track is much more complicated  and has ramps that enable your car to jump off of it to avoid some obstacles. You’ll only be able to do that if your cars are going at the right speed. Otherwise, you won’t make it! Take your opponents by surprise by taking these airborne shortcuts in this hair-raising race where foreseeing the winner will be near impossible up until the very last turn!


The second destination, Savannah Stretch is an intense circuit, settled in the middle of the savannah. Its defining feature? Animals frequently cross the roads… and will gladly get in the way of the racecar drivers! Will you slow down and wait for the track to be cleared out? Or hurry up towards victory? This race is all about strategy: the pilots are nervously watching one another in order to attack at the right moment. Who will succeed in letting his horses loose at the right time and outrun their opponents?


Downforce: Wild Ride offers two new exceptional tracks that will make the bets more uncertain than ever before. Guessing who the winner will be is often wishful-thinking… unless you bet against your own team of course!

‘By far my favourite extension!’ Tom Vasel – Dice Tower

‘If, like us, you are fans of Downforce, the Wild Ride extension will be a great addition to the gameplay.’ One board Family


Downforce – Wild Ride is an extension for Downforce made by Wolfgang Kramer.

Illustrations by Tavis Coburn.

Out on the 15th September, 2020.

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Publié le 9 July 2020

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