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New Releases – September 2015

Today we’re releasing two very different games into our family: the fifth volume of our Tales & Games collection Little Red Riding Hood and the next expansion to Heroes of Normandie, Battleground Terrain Pack.

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is the fifth volume in the Tales and Games series by Purple Brain Creations. This game follows the plot of the tale as Little Red attempts to follow the path to her grandmother’s house. Unbeknownst to her, the big bag wolf is close on her tale! Players can work together to help Little Red along, or one player can play as the wolf and against the others. In either case, players will draw cards and push their luck to move forward (or backward!) along the path. First player to reach grandmother’s house wins! Watch The Dice Tower review here, or watch us go over gameplay in this video.

Heroes of Normandie: Battleground Terrain Pack

Expand your battles with six new double-sided terrain tiles in the Battleground Terrain Pack! These include new terrain types and varied amounts of previous terrain types. Slog through the heavily wooded forest or scurry around the open wheat fields. You’ll also have new targeting rules and short walls for increased tactical decisions. These tiles are perfect for creating your own scenarios! Check out Devil Pig’s page to see all six tiles up close here!

Published 18 September 2015

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