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New Releases - December 2015

The Big Book of Madness

Today has been long-awaited by many gamers across the world (especially those of you who didn’t make it out to Essen)… The Big Book of Madness is now available for purchase! We’re really proud of this game since our French team has been working hard on this game all year long! The Big Book of Madness is a cooperative deck-builder from 2 to 5 players where each player is a magic student working together to imprison terrible monsters in the tome from which they were mistakenly released. Each player has their own element deck that they use to cast spells, heal curses, and improve their decks further. If you manage to turn six pages of the book and defeat all the monsters,  you win the game! For a closer look, you can Watch it Played by our very own Sara here, or watch a Dice Tower review here.

Heroes of Normandie: Gazette #4

The Heroes Tactical System is also getting a new family member with the Heroes of Normandie: Gazette #4 releasing today. This is the fourth issue of the quarterly release by Devil Pig Games. The Gazettes bring new scenarios, new punchboards, and historical content to bring new life to your games! This issue in particular introduces the Fallschirmjägers and Skorzeny commando and pits armies against each other in Italy. For more info and scenarios, visit the Devil Pig website.

Published 10 December 2015

World Play Day 2020

Today, let's celebrate World Play Day together!

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SPIEL 2020: IELLO games recommended!

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