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Rediscover our MiniGames #3: Time Bomb Evolution

So I was looking at the shelf of Minigames, trying to decide which one I would pick this time, when someone poked me on the shoulder.

'You should be careful, you know,' he said, mysteriously.
'What?' I turned around and looked at him. He was wearing a long brown coat, a cap with a tartan pattern. 
'You think the bomb has been defused, but it's not. Not really.' 
'What are you talking about?'
The stranger ducked, stared in front of him - 
'But -' 
'Shush!' He put his finger on my mouth to silence me. He looked right and left nervously, and ran out of the door. 
What a strange man. I wonder what he was talking about. Of course the bomb has been defused, I'm a master at Time Bomb, I have played a thousand times! 
It's defused. 
For sure. 
I mean... it's defused, right?
Let's check, just to be sure.

Time Bomb Evolution - Setup

London, 1890

Big Ben, at the very top of the Elizabeth Tower, rings and echoes through the streets of London. The slow-moving passerbys take advantage of the scarce rays of sunshine. The Victorian city goes about its usual business, unknowingly….

Not far from the Parliament, a telephone from the cabin at the corner of the street starts ringing. Sherlock runs to the phone and picks it up. Her face tenses up; Moriarty is back! This time, multiple landmarks of the city of London have been booby trapped by his henchmen! Bombs have been carefully hid all over the city, at the Buckingham Palace, the Westminster Abbey, the British Museum, Big Ben… and everything will blow up at midnight… Once again, the diabolical Moriarty defies his nemesis Sherlock Holmes with mind games worthy of her intelligence. Sherlock’s team will have no choice but to defuse all the bombs before midnight or chaos will prevail. 

Time Bomb Characters

Time Bomb Evolution: Not one, not two, not four, not five, but SIX bombs!

The catch? You don't know your friends and foes… Your first goal is to find out who your allies are without being exposed…. Each turn, a player will pick a cable placed in front of the other players  and cuts it… either to defuse it, or to set it off… if you’re in Sherlock's team, your goal is, of course, to defuse the bomb, however, if you’re in Moriarty’s, you win as soon as a bomb goes off. 

In the Evolution expansion of the game, each bomb possesses special properties and you must defuse the cables by assigning them to the corresponding colors of the bombs. Beware, cutting a cable can make a bomb go off… which results in Moriarty’s immediate victory. 

Time Bomb Evolution speaks to wanna-be Sherlock Holmes as much as it does the exceptional bluffing game’s usuals. In the Evolution version, Time Bomb is much more intense with a lot more bombs to defuse, as well as the dramatic effects the new bombs’ special properties can create. 

Bluff and deduction will be more than ever required in order to localise the bombs and play around with their properties, each one more varied and spectacular than the next! The games are more tense, yet more fun than ever before: your turn to guess who, around the table, is out to get you or help you!

Time Bomb Evolution is part of IELLO’s Mini Games Collection. Small boxes for great games!

Time Bomb Evolution - Box


Time Bomb Evolution

Players 4 to 6 - Ages 8+ - Playtime 15 min 

Designer Yusuke Sato - Illustrations Biboun


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Publié le 5 August 2020

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