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'Monster of the Week' game is over: all about King of-verse

During the past few weeks, we made you dive into the King of - verse, and meet all existing types of monsters, with a guessing game! 

The universe of King of Tokyo and King of New York is vast indeed! Last week, we made you guess our 10th and last monster! You missed some articles and yet you wish to know all about all monsters? Here is an overview of what you will find in King of - world:

King of Tokyo - Base Game 

King of Tokyo is a very fun and easy-to-learn game by famous father of Magic the Gathering, Richard Garfield! You play a monster fighting to be crowned King of Tokyo, and for that, you have to punch your opponents, and improve your monster with power cards!  

To win, it is very easy: be the last one standing, or be the first to reach 20 VP!

Read more about King of Tokyo here

3D box King of Tokyo with all 6 monsters

King of Tokyo expansion - Power Up 

You want to renew your King of Tokyo gaming experience? Power-Up is for you!

With Power-Up, each monster gets a unique set of evolution cards that grants them special abilities and make their fighting styles unrivalled! 
These evolution cards will grant permanent or temporary powers to your monsters. Battles will never be the same.

Learn more about King of Tokyo - Power up here!

King of Tokyo - power up 3D box, with giant panda monster

Monster Packs

When you have the Power-Up expansion, you can get new monsters, with their unique powers, by getting individual Monster Packs! With each Monster Packs comes a new game mechanic, compatible with all King of – games, new strategies, each one more vicious than the one before!

Check out Cthulhu monster pack here!

Cthulhu monster pack

Check out Cybertooth monster pack here

Cybertooth monster pack

King of Tokyo - Halloween Pack

In this Halloween Pack, monsters are putting on their best costumes for the party: costumes cards are a new type of energy cards that will boost you power: they are placed in front of you like power cards, but are not affected by cards that would affect power cards! And you can have an unlimited number of costumes cards in front of you…so YES. Your Gigazaur can be a Zombie Princess.

Learn more about Halloween Pack here!

Halloween Pack - King of Tokyo

King of New York 

King of New York is for you if you already own King of Tokyo, and are a real connoisseur of the game. You want more challenge, more stimulation in your everyday life, then search no more, and go take a tour of New York and its monsters!

Learn more about King of New York here!

King of New York box

Promotional Monsters 

To add more fun and diversity to your game, promotional monsters have been created, most of them to be won during tournaments!

Today, players from all over the world are collecting them, searching for the opportunity to find the monster that their collection lacks. But it is a tough task, for even we, creators, are not sure where to find them.

Learn more about Promotional Monsters, here

Promo monster - kookie

National Monsters

Following the request of some of our international partners, we created promotional monsters for their country: the national monsters!

Learn all about National Monsters here

king of tokyo national monster "Helmut"

King of Tokyo - Dark Edition 

The newest addition to the King of Tokyo family! 

Meet the collector edition of the famous game King of Tokyo, wonderfully darkened by Paul Mafayon staging our beloved, ruthless monsters more loaded for bear than ever!

Grey and black everywhere, yes, but also devilish new rules! If the roots of the game rest upon the classic King of Tokyo game, new mechanics allow you to fight dirtier than before! Wickedness and evil are the magic words here. A new strategy for you to adapt the powers you acquire during the match. New possible combos equal new possibilities to win.

Learn more about King of Tokyo - Dark Edition, here!

King of Tokyo - Dark Edition , box


Now you now everything there is to know about King of Tokyo

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Publié le 23 October 2020

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