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King of Tokyo Tournament - The Final Battle

After almost 2 months, our King of Tokyo tournament is over

There we are, the final battle of our epic King of Tokyo Tournament just ended, with a victorious Gigazaur, who becomes the 2021 King of the Kings of Tokyo

All battles were magistral, particularly the last ones, which were really tight! Since December 1st, you have had the possibility to support and vote for your favourite monster in this tournament! Every two days, a new match. Every two days, a new step in their ascension to victory, and to the title of King of Tokyo! 

All emblematic monsters fought bravely, but there was room for only one king.

KOT tournament - final

The final battle was the confrontation of two pillars of the King of Universe, two pioneers, that have been there since the beginning, since the origins of King of Tokyo: Gigazaur VS Meka Dragon!

It reveals your deep involvement and attachment to these emblematic monsters, embodiments of the spirit of the game.

The odds were in favour of Meka Dragon, 52% to 48%...And Gigazaur knew that. He knew he would have to be infaillible, to be at his best. And he was.

Congratulations again, Gigazaur, you've just proven the world that dinosaurs are still the greatest beasts! 

Podium tournoi kot

The final battle took place in the city of Tokyo. Humans and monsters reunited for a same purpose: witnessing the confrontation of two mythic beasts. Tokyo's mayor gave his approval, and was honoured to host the match. Of course, the council found a deserted part in the suburbs of the city, to create an arena. All the buildings ended up destroyed, in fire. There were explosions everywhere. The two monsters climbed defunct buildings, threw cars at each was impressive. 

Gigazaur kept avoiding Meka Dragon's shots, and at a decisive point, he gathered all his strength, and managed to throw one back at Meka Dragon! It hit him in the stomach and projected him in the destroyed buildings.

Relive the greatest moments of the tournament

Cybertooth VS King Kong

Cybertooth VS King Kong was a tough one! King Kong was leading the whole time, but was so focused on his enemy that he forgot to notice Cybertooth's shadow, hidden behind! The latter jumped the massive ape, and finished him.

Pumpkin Jack

Who else remembers this surprising match between two Halloween monsters, Pumpkin Jack and Woogie Boogie? Right in the middle of the action, Pumpkin Jack took off his head and threw it at Woogie Boogie! It took him by surprise, and he fell on the floor! But that was not the end of it! As he fell, one of his thread got tangled, unstitching the whole clothing of the monster! All insects rushed away, leaving only a pile of old rags on the floor. It was spectacular, and sad.



Stay tuned because the people have spoken, and have required a second chance tournament, for all the unlucky ones. So we will be back, soon you'll see.

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Publié le 22 January 2021

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