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This year, SPIEL will be held digitally, from October 22nd to 25th 2020. Everyone can participate and can register for free on the website.

We are excited to show you our news and upcoming games for this event!  Here is a glimpse of our news, to whet your appetite!


In legendary Africa, battle other tribes to expand your territory! Explore ancient ruins, invade lands, and manage your realm…

Kitara - 3D box with tribes fighting

Kitara is a dynamic strategy game, full of tension and suspense, mixing conquest, movement and battle. Manage your cards to plan your actions: the more territories you control, the more options you get! Strengthen your army of Hunters, Cheetah-Centaurs, and Heroes! Protect livestock and crops, move your troops, and go to war, to be the one reuniting the Great Empire of Kitara!

  • Designed by Eric B. Vogel
  • Illustrated by Miguel Coimbra
  • A great introduction to conquest games, easy-to-learn and yet strategic
  • Quick and dynamic games
  • Out on 22nd October

Learn more about Kitara

Learn how to play Kitara

Schotten Totten 2

Panic in Scotland: the war between clans is stronger than ever! Your enemies are now attacking your castle! Defend your walls, and prevent your opponent from finding a breach!

Schotten Totten 2 mockup

Meet the sequel of one of the best two-player card games in the world! Play as the attacker or defender in this fast asymmetrical and tactical game!

  • Designed by Reiner Knizia
  • Illustrated by Djib
  • Finally a sequel to a classic two-player game!
  • A new asymmetrical mechanic for more strategy and replay-ability!
  • Out on 5th November

Learn more about Schotten Totten 2

Unmatched series

Create epic battles between legendary heroes! King Arthur against Sinbad, Medusa against Alice…or even Medusa and Sinbad, against King Arthur and Alice!

Unmatched is an asymmetrical miniature game for two or four players. Each hero has a unique deck of cards that fits their style and legend. Tactical movement and combats create a unique game experience that will be enjoyed by everyone, from new players to trained ones!

Unmatched - Battle of the Legends

But that’s not all! Every boxes can be combined, so you can have a fight between Robinhood and Medusa, or Bigfoot against Alice, for even more challenge and replay-ability!

Try and master them all, or find the one that suits your style and personality, and win the battle!

Unmatched - Robinhood VS Bigfoot

  • A game by Rob Daviau, JR Honeycutt, and Justin D. Jacobson
  • Illustrated by Oliver Barrett
  • A quick and easy-to-learn asymmetrical fighting game
  • Anachronistic and fun battles!
  • Out in Early 2021


Here at IELLO we are ready to battle, in Africa, in Scotland, or in the whole mythic world! Join us and choose your side!

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