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A Christmas story...X-Smash Tree

Merry Christmas everyone! You probably all own a Christmas Tree, that you decorated with ornaments, for the winter season. Well, let me tell you the story of a Christmas Tree in particular...The story or X-Smash Tree. Are you ready?

Who is X-Smash Tree?

Lives in: Originally from Redwoods in sunny California, he now wanders across the United States.
Favourite dish: any machinery found on construction sites (with a sweet tooth for cranes)
Fun fact: After he was cut down on a winter-y December day by a man, he went completely berserk and began terrorising urban cities. He uses what he finds there to decorate himself. 

Appears in: Promotional Monster 

X-Smash Tree


X-SMASH Tree comes from Northern California where only the trees can rival man's infrastructures, pine trees and sequoias as a matter of fact. He lived there for thousands of years, in peace and surrounded by his family!

He had heard that further South, nature’s sanctuaries were in great danger. Uprooted by men’s hands, his cousins had been getting wiped out. 

But X-SMASH Tree was confident that he and his clan were safe where they were. They were protected, admired even, by these minuscule yet invasive bipeds. They did not feel threatened. 

One day, everything changed. It was getting colder and colder this season when nature took advantage of the weather to slow things down, get back in touch with itself, do some self-care to come back stronger. It was Winter. 

X-Smash really enjoyed winter, peaceful, a bit breezy and this thick layer of snow that covered them up. It was cold and yet protective. And the landscape was radically changed. 

X-Smash Tree destroying a snowy city


Everything seemed… on hold. One night, as X-Smash tree was watching the sun go down through his fellow trees’ branches, he heard a vibrating sound and saw smoke from afar. 

He felt the earth move and he knew right away that something bad was happening. He also felt that the other trees were scared and in imminent danger. 

What was happening? He gathered all the energy he had in his roots to investigate what was happening over yonder. He understood right away. It was the humans. This time, they didn’t come to gaze at the tall trees and hug their trunk. They were here to cut them down, and destroy them. 

X-Smash wanted to do everything in his power to stop this but his strength lay somewhere else. Trees are known to be wise and unshakable. They do not act. And so, he let it happen. 

The humans and their loud and destructive machines came closer and in the dark of the night, they cut down every tree on their path. Then came X-Smash’s turn. 

When the saw split his tree, he said goodbye to this world, as it was coming to an end for him. 

The saw moved on to the next tree. X-Smash was still here, though. Why was he still able to feel what was happening? He had never heard of a live tree after being separated from their roots. 

He felt his sap boiling and his branches awaken. He had been given a second chance and by that logic, a purpose. 

He was conscient it wasn’t all for nothing! In one movement, he swung his branches and down came all the saws to his left.  And then to his right! He picked himself up and walked onto the two branches that he used as his legs. 

The forest had called on him to save it and avenge his fellow trees. He roared, hoarsely and it echoed throughout the woods for several minutes. It was a cry of pain from Nature herself. He had to avenge her. 

X-Smash tree on standee

He began his mission by destroying all of the humans’ metallic monsters and when they weren’t any left, he walked. And walked. Walked, for days and weeks and months. He walked. 

He arrived in the humans’ lair- the city. A lifeless, soulless, metallic and cold forest that they called “home.” 

As he walked through the streets, he saw hundreds, thousands of uprooted pine trees. Their corpses were exposed in the humans’ houses with decoration and lights hanging from their branches. Enraged and irritated by the sight of them, he began destroying everything around him. 

In his rage, he lost sight of his mission, to exterminate the deathly machines which had destroyed countless forests. Fury had taken over him. 

Seeing his friends like this had broken whatever purity was left in him and he sunk into madness. He became sarcastic and mocking and began decorating his branches with human creations. His rage befell on humans. 

X-Smash was not who he used to be. Weighed down by hatred, he had, himself, become a means of destruction. 


What are Promotional Monsters? 

Promo monster - banner

Since the dawn of time, there has been King of Tokyo Promo Monsters! Like some famous detective always accompanied by his faithful partner, when there is King of Tokyo game near, you can be sure to find a promo monster not far. 

The base game includes six monsters: Cyber Kitty (see article on her back story here!), Gigazaur, Alienoid, Space Penguin, the King, and Meca Dragon.

To add more fun and diversity to your game, promotional monsters have been created, most of them to be won during tournaments! 

Today, players from all over the world are collecting them, searching for the opportunity to find the monster that their collection still lacks. But it is a tough task, for even we, creators, are not sure where to find them.

As mad scientists, we created monsters, we unleashed them, and couldn’t bear the consequences! They are running free, multiplying every now and then, without notice…

So who knows, you might find one yourself, as you stroll on the beach, or as you scroll on the internet. And when that time comes, be ready to catch it!


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Publié le 24 December 2020

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