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The Mysterious Forest grabs a nomination for the Kinder Spiel des Jahres 2017 Award!

IELLO is very proud and honored that The Mysterious Forest, an original creation by Carlo A. Rossi, illustrated by comics author Daniel Lieske, is nominated for the Kinder Spiel des Jahres Award 2017 (one of the most prestigious award for a children’s game).

The Mysterious Forest packshot

This nomination complements the already prestigious list of awards that the game has received since its English release last November, such as the Family Choice Award 2017 and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval in the USA and the European Product Design Award.

In an exciting fantasy world, players are cooperating to help Jonas, the young hero, walk through a Mysterious Forest to beat the evil Draconia Queen. Collectively, they have to remember the equipment behind each card in the path, revealed in the first phase of the game. Then, they will have to organize their bagpack with the help of the dice to fill it with the items that Jonas will need to overcome each challenge in the final phase of the game!

Coming with adaptable difficulty levels to grow with its audience, this beautiful game is also designed to be a new approach of players interaction, family experience and product presentation.

The winner of the Kinder Spiel des Jahres prize will be announced on June 19th in Hamburg.

Publié le 29 May 2017

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