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Someone 2PECIAL is Near

…A flash of light, a deafening thud, and whoosh, you are gone.

You reappear in a new, almost unreal, place. Under your feet, there is a floor of carved rough stones. You are surrounded by large trunks and tall trees, look around in the darkness, and get a glimpse of something shiny away in the distance.

You slowly appear, moving the branches and leaves aside as you wander through the thick forest, toward the light. Another branch, and there you are. You find yourself in a small clearing, there is a shiny sword hammered in a stone, right in the middle. You cannot understand why, but you are drawn to it, attracted to it. You need to get a better look. You carefully approach, stretch your arm to reach its pommel, and as the tip of your finger brushes the object, you are dazzled by a flash of light.

Everything happens so fast. You are seated on a throne, someone is putting a crown on your head, but before it happens, you hear shouts, battle sounds, swords clash, an arrow misses your head by an inch, and you’re back in the forest.

You draw back, your hand still in front of you, and hesitate for a moment.

Will you do it? Will you step aside, or step forward?

Teasing Arthur

Are you worthy of it?

Now you have a second clue. Who did you become this week? Where will you go next?


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Publié le 24 July 2020

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