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Schotten Totten 2: Prepare the boiling oil!

Do you hear the bagpipes, getting closer and closer? Do you smell that good old scent of the oil boiling in the cauldrons? From your tower up high, you are scanning the horizon. Despite the tenacious mist, you can make out the figures of your nemesis’s soldiers. You can see them more and more clearly. Giving their all for the attack, they strike your walls with all their strength. Oh! These poor wretches seem chilled to the bone on this fine but freezing morning. Will you be gracious enough to warm them up… with some boiling oil?


The war rages on, with an escalation of violence, in this war of the neighbours. Both warring nations from the first and famous Schotten Totten have decided to take it to the next level and enter a duel that is both epic and asymmetrical!


In Schotten Totten 2, the opponents are busy with the storming of the castle. The attacker and the defender need to prove their superiority on each wall of the fortifications. However, this time, each player has different goals and their own ways of winning!

Schotten Totten 2 cards

♫  ‘This life is lived in perfect [a]symmetry”


The asymmetry is Schotten Totten 2’s true revolution! It completely disrupts the game’s sensations. The ways of winning are now different on each side of the wall.

The attacker alone can claim a tile as their own and the defender’s only move is to stop the former from doing so. The defender also owns three cauldrons of boiling oil which allow them to discard a card on their adversary’s side. As for the attacker, they can retreat on certain tiles to come back stronger later on. All in all, we have two separate roles, very distinct from one another, each player reaching for their own goal and two unique playing sensations!

Schotten Totten 2 token


Strategy and boiling oil


Schotten Totten 2 offers the same mechanics as its renowned predecessor’s, which are laying cards to win a wall. Each cards combination allows a player to claim superiority on the wall, but careful! Things have changed here.

Many walls now come with their specific goals and players have to work with certain conditions to get the majority when they lay their cards. A new subtlety, adding more variety to the game and new approaches to the game. The attacker must commit to their choices which depend on the cards they have in their hands.

The attacker wins if they manage to damage four walls or if they open a breach in an already damaged tile.

Schotten Totten 2 oil

More playful, more catchy, same intensity!


Intensified by the asymmetrical dimension added to it, Schotten Totten 2 is a more intense game that invites you to play one game after the other and to switch the roles. More strategic, more stressful, the battles feel new and fresh but also stay faithful to their famous legacy.

This legacy is heightened by Djib’s artworks and illustrations, still as beautiful as the first ones.

Schotten Totten 2


Schotten Totten 2

A game by Reiner Knizia

Illustrations by Djib

A 2-player game

Released in November 


schotten totten 2 mockup

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Publié le 18 November 2020

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