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Schotten Totten 2 is almost here: get ready to fight!

Panic in Scotland: the war between clans is stronger than ever!

The time when you battled over a cute rock border is over! Days were long and warm, the breeze was nice in your kilts and in your hair, and you were enjoying those children’s squabbles. But winter has come – days are shorter, colder, snow now covers everything around, and you went back to your castle to warm your feet, when…

An arrow shattered a window, and landed in your haggis.

Enough is enough! They want to attack your castle, they will get a warm…even boiling welcome!

You storm out of the room to the kitchen and yell, ‘PREPARE THE BOILING OIL!’ they won’t be sorry they came.

Schotten Totten 2 - the box and boiling cauldrons

Defend your castle, at any price!

Schotten Totten 2 is based on the same mechanic as the first one, but this time, the fight is asymmetrical! You are trying to defend the walls of your castle, while the other player attacks them!

Send one of your troops to the frontlines to create the strongest formations, because the smallest breach in the wall could be fatal…

If the attacker successfully damages 4 different pieces of Wall, OR 1 piece twice…they breach your wall and win the game!

If you manage to defend your castle until the attacker’s army is too tired to fight, and that there are no cards left on the deck, you force them  to retreat, and win the game!

Castle borders - SChotten Totten 2

A hot, even boiling game!

In Schotten Totten 2, each wall tile will have a combination and number of cards needed to win the battle for it. There are now different and varied requirements and combinations to be done, strategically, to breach the wall!

When you defend, however, you have at your disposal 3 oil cauldron tokens, to welcome your opponent’s army! When discarded, they will remove a card played by the attacker!

You will have to be even more strategist than before, to win the game!

Schotten Totten 2 3D box

Schotten Totten will be out 05th November 2020

You want a taste of what the game will be like? Download and read the rulebook

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Publié le 15 October 2020

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