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(Re)discover our mini-games #9: Ninja Taisen!

"The blade cuts deeply.

The scroll is knowledge.

Thus the ninja is."

I was right in the middle of writing this prodigious haiku when I was interrupted by a light draft. 

“Anything to add?” I asked looking at the ceiling.


The ninja that was hanging on tightly to my visible beam cleared his throat and in a soft voice said “what about the mountains?”

He was right. I had not mentioned the mountains, an indispensable character of this trilogy. The mountains, a scroll and the blade. A saying came to my mind. 

The blade shatters on the mountain, but it cuts the scroll. Whereas, the scroll covers the mountains. 

Wait, couldn’t we come up with a game from this saying?


The Art of the Rock Paper Ninja

Ninja Taisen is a game where two Shoguns attempt to take control of the opponent’s towns, by sending their ninja clans to attack. The ninjas of each Shogun are divided in 3 categories: the paper ninjas, the scissor ninjas and the rock ninjas.

Each turn, the players place their ninjas facing the opponent’s town. You can move them one by one but also by groups. Of course, the more ninjas you have, the stronger but that also means some areas are defenseless. 

The road that separates the two villages is indeed the best spot for merry ninjas. When ninjas meet each other, they fight one another. You will have to be strategic about rolling the dice to place your ninjas where they will make the most damage…. Or try not to move them to remain safe.

What will be your strategy?

The Art of the War

Don’t be fooled by the universal aspect of rock/paper/scissors. Ninja Taisen is an absolute gem in placement games in which every choice counts. 

Every turn, you roll 3 dice. There is one die for each type of ninja. Each die will enable you to get your ninjas closer to the neighboring town. And if this ninja is covered by one or two ninjas, they will accompany him and move with him. 

You will, then, move your troops, always towards your opponent’s village, until an encounter leads to a battle. 

In case of an encounter, you must determine what types of ninja are facing off against each other. A paper ninja wins over a rock ninja, a rock ninja wins over a scissor ninja and so on. 

The fight will last until it is completely resolved. If a paper ninja eliminates a rock ninja, a scissor can suddenly appear and get rid of the rock ninja. Each card that was on the top of the pile will thus become active. 

Just one ninja of the rock type can thus wipe out an entire army of scissor ninjas and if they were to be on the same space (which would be a pretty stupid, gotta admit). 

Make sure you place ninjas of each type to avoid a bad surprise!

The Art of movement

As you may have caught on, each decision can lead to a waterfall of consequences more or less enjoyable, and it is vital to ensure your move is not going to turn against you. 

To win, you will have to reach the opponent’s village (or wipe out their clan). In fact, you will always have to move at least one space closer towards your opponent. 

The players are not allowed to turn back at any point during the game (unless in the case of a tie after a fight), which makes for a very intense game because the wait-and-see attitude is forbidden. You will have to move forward by deploying your troops as strategically as possible to win the fights and adapt to your opponent’s movements. 

The Art of Rock-Paper-Shogun

Each clan comes with its boss, the Shogun himself. He is, obviously, considerably burlier than average, but he is not invincible. 

The Shogun is as strong as 4 and automatically becomes the same type as his opponent. If he comes face to face with a member of the scissor clan, poof, he’s a scissor. But if the Shogun is facing off multiple opponents at once, He will have to subtract the strength point of the enemies he vanquished from his total strength. 

If he fights an opponent with 2 of strength, he wins but loses 2 points and only has 2 remaining for the next fight. It is, therefore, impossible for him to wipe out a whole clan on his own. 

The Art of Mini Game

Whether you are a wise and experienced strategist or a ninja apprentice, Ninja Taisen contains incredible and tense moments in a really small box.

It’s intense, strategic, and the games will be tightly packed together. 



Send your ninjas to battle and discover this highly enjoyable and excellent game for two from our Mini Games Collection!


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Publié le 30 September 2020

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