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(Re)discover our mini-games #8: Ninja Academy



And so I decided to continue my thrilling Mini Games exploration. What was most surprising to me in this collection, was how intense each game was, regardless of which one it was. So far, I’d devoured mountains of sushis, climbed summits, defended foot for foot the marker posts of my Scottish village and… and always I’d experienced intense emotions. 

Today, upon finding the game, I had the unpleasant feeling of being observed. As if a gloomy shadow were incessantly looking over my shoulder…

- Gloomy? That’s kind of strong!
- Aaaaah!
- A shadow? That’s fine, I get it but gloomy? 
- What? What the heck are you doing here??
- I’m observing, duh. 
- Excuse-me? 
- Over your shoulder, I’m spying. You just said it yourself. 
- But, but who are you?
- Hum… A ninja? Isn’t it obvious? 
- Well no, as a matter fact, I can’t even see you!
- Aha! Practice does make perfect! I am ready to get my diploma!



Ninja Academy - Box

Here we go, back on school benches to (discreetly) assume the uniform of a Ninja apprentice. In this game, we indeed play as students, well determined to get their diploma at the end of the year. However, to graduate, they will have to take and pass a series of tests as unforgiving as they are preposterous. Because yes, being a ninja also means you can remain serious in any circumstance… Don’t flop, my young gakusei.

A game from the Kaedema Team!

Antoine Bauza-San, Corentin Lebrat-San, Ludovic Maublanc-San and Théo Rivière-San are the unforgiving members of the jury of this wild game! You will have to show you are up to their expectations, throughout the 20 tests concocted with love (and a tad of cruelty) to prove yourself!

Authors team - Ninja Academy

Will Judo all the work it takes to become a Ninja? 

Dexterity, Agility, Concentration and psychology will be required to stand out throughout these formidable tests. 

But before we plunge into the Ninja universe, let’s first take a look at their environment. The Ninja Academy box contains ninja meeples, tatamis, logs, summonings to the tests, victory points and tests! You will also be asked not to wander off from the Dojo, meaning the box because it is part of the tests. 

Game design - Ninja Academy

Tatamis and Enemies

The tests will come in two types: one-on-one duels or “every ninja for themselves” collective tests. The summoning to the test will outline the order in which the dozen tests necessary to graduate will take place, in accordance with the number of players.  

Fear not: if the duels only involve two players at a time, the others are welcomed to place their bets on who the winner will be. There’s always something to do during the game and it is always fun to root for (or sabotage) the other Ninja students, to get closer to winning. All in good mischievous spirits, of course!

Ninja Academy

Sumo-eone will win for sure

To prove your worth as a Ninja, you will have to take on very different tests that will necessitate your dexterity as well as your ability to bluff or to deduce. Yes, the Ninjattitude is a whole thing that entails being cold-blooded and selfless if only to not burst into laughter. 

Balance the panws, guess the number of pawns in the box just with the noise it makes, throw ninjas in the air and catch them, get into acrobatic poses… You will be stunned by the variety of Ninja tests that are waiting for you. Will you be up to the challenges’ expectations? 

Game design - Ninja Academy

No need to con-zen-trate so much! Have some fun!

Ninja Academy will take you on a journey into a satirical and hilarious universe where the humor is soaked in rice alcohol.

Make no mistake: you will have to display much concentration and rock solid mental fortitude to be better than your opponents. Each will get tests that are more or less personalized for them and you will sometimes owe your success to having bet on your most talented opponents. 

Ninja Academy

With 20 diverse, intense, deceitful, and ironic tests, Ninja Academy is the party game hidden in the shadows that you didn't see coming but you were waiting for impatiently. Yes, you were.

  • A game from Antoine Bauzat, Corentin Lebrat, Ludovic Maublanc and Theo Riviere. 
  • Illustrated by Djib
  • Free New Trial Cards to print to download here


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