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Monster of the Week #9: You recognised Kookie Monster


This fall, challenge yourself with our game ‘Monster of the Week', on our King of Tokyo Facebook page. On each Saturday, we will publish a close-up of a monster from KOT-verse, and you will have to identify the monster, and from which King of - King of Tokyo, King of New York, King of Tokyo - Dark Edition, Power Up, Monster Packs, Promo Monsters...!


Wait, what? You didn't know there was a King of Tokyo Facebook page? Well there you go: here it is!

This Saturday, we published our ninth close-up, and of course, you recognized Kookie Monster, one of the promotional monsters! 

Kookie monster



Who is Kookie Monster?

Lives in: a gingerbread house
Favourite dish: mostly berries, but also vegetable. NO sugar!  
Particularity: After almost being eaten by someone, he turned mad and its mind split in half.
Appears in: Promotional Monster

It was a cool night of Autumn. The trees of the forest were getting ready for the cold winter to come, leaves were drifting away, dancing in the air with the wind, and finished their course on the ground.
Papa was rubbing his cold hands, trying to warm up a little. He was sitting in an old leather armchair, lost in his thoughts, while observing nature change outside the window. The house was empty, except for basic furniture: an oven, a rudimentary sink, a wooden table, a chair, and his old armchair. It was dark inside. Papa rose slowly, walked toward the table, and took a match in his trembling fingers. He lit a candle, removed his fingerless wool gloves, and started to bake.

As he manipulated the dough, his face wrinkled in a sweet smile. If he couldn’t warm his hands, at least, he would warm his old heart. Life in the forest was the only life he had known. He used to love the calm and freedom of it, but now, he felt more alone than ever. And that night, alone in the dark kitchen, he baked a little biscuit in the shape of a boy, a little gingerbread man.

He put it all in the oven, and went back to his armchair to rest, and fell asleep.

Knock, knock, knock.

Papa opened his eyes, wondering who could be there at such an hour. He looked around, got up, went to the door, but there was nobody.

Knock, knock, knock.

The noise seemed to come from inside the house. “Who’s there? I have nothing to give you!”

He went to the kitchen, where the sound was louder, and opened the oven door. On the other side was the little cookie figure, standing on both its gingerbread feet.

“Papa?” said the little cookie.

Flabbergasted, papa stretched his arm and opened his hand. The cookie climbed on it, and hugged one of his fingers.

From that moment on, papa and “Kookie”, the little gingerbread boy, were inseparable. Kookie would accompany him in the forest, to gather berries or collect weird colourful mushrooms. They would cook together, and have fun. They would never be alone.

One day, it was pouring down outside and the fire was almost out. Papa advised Kookie to stay in the house. He was leaving for just a few minutes to fetch some wood, and would be back soon. And it was true! Papa was back no more than ten minutes later. But when he arrived, the door was slightly open.

“Kookie? Are you okay?” said Papa, as he pushed the door cautiously.

It was silent inside, except from a faint whining. Papa approached the table and discovered Kookie, lying there, a bit of his head missing. He ran to his baby and took him in his hands.

“What happened?!” he cried.

The little cookie started crying drops of sugar all over papa’s hands.

“Someone came– I was asleep…-he wanted to eat me alive!– he crunched my head but I started to cry and struggle so he d-dropped me and left!”

Little cookie was inconsolable, no matter what papa would do. That event had changed him forever, and split his mind in two. Sometimes, he would feel fine, though melancholic, and some other days, he would be enraged, and would want to destroy anything that would stand in his way.

On a very bad day, he was so angry that he went mad and devastated the house, before running away, never to be seen again.

What are Promotional Monsters?

Since the dawn of time, there has been King of Tokyo Promo Monsters! Like some famous detective always accompanied by his faithful partner, when there is a King of Tokyo game, a promo monster follows closely.

The base game includes six monsters: Cyber Kitty (see last week’s article!), Gigazaur, Alienoid, Space Penguin, the King, and Meca Dragon.

To add more fun and diversity to your game, promotional monsters have been created, most of them to be won during tournaments!

Today, players from all over the world are collecting them, searching for the opportunity to find the monster that their collection lacks. But it is a tough task, for even we, creators, are not sure where to find them.

As mad scientists, we created monsters, we unleashed them, and couldn’t bear the consequences! They are running free, multiplying every now and then, without notice…

So who knows, you might find one yourself, as you stroll on the beach, or as you scroll on the internet. And when that time comes, be ready to catch it, because it is unlikely it will happen again anytime soon.


Some of the Promo Monsters

To this day, it is nearly impossible to find archives of the existing monsters, but we managed to dig out some incredible visuals for you:





Pouic monster
Pouic - Promo Monster created for the French medium 'Tric Trac'

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Publié le 13 October 2020

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