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Monster of the Week #8: You recognised Cyber Kitty

This fall, challenge yourself with our game ‘Monster of the Week', on our King of Tokyo Facebook page. On each Saturday, we will publish a close-up of a monster from KOT-verse, and you will have to identify the monster, and from which King of - King of Tokyo, King of New York, King of Tokyo - Dark Edition, Power Up, Monster Packs, Promo Monsters...!

Wait, what? You didn't know there was a King of Tokyo Facebook page? Well there you go: here it is!

This Saturday, we published our eighth close-up, and of course, you recognized The King, from King of Tokyo – Dark Edition

Cyber Kitty - King of Tokyo

Who is Cyber Kitty?

Lives in: a ranch, in the countryside, with granny.   
Favourite dish: Milk, all sorts of milks!
Particularity: She is fond of piracy and of crafting big robot monsters!
Appears in: King of Tokyo – 2nd version  

Kitty is a cute little she-cat that lives with granny, in a calm ranch in the countryside near Tokyo. She used to venture far from home, for days, to discover the world around her. One day, as she was sashaying in the streets of Tokyo, she lapped a strange milk-looking beverage. She felt odd and slept for two days. When she woke up, she knew something inside of her had changed. Suddenly, she was seized by a passion for piracy and building giant robots.

She went back home, put an eye patch on her eye, and that was on. She would create the biggest cat robot that ever existed, and would go battle the monsters in the big city. She had seen them fight on the telly one evening, as she was resting on granny’s laps. They looked cool and unattainable, for a little kitty like her. But that time was over!

Days and nights have passed, weeks, then months, and finally, she is ready. Kitty wipes the sweat from her face, lets her tools fall to the ground, with a thud. She looks up, and contemplates her work. It is grand! A real masterpiece.

She meows to call granny, and looks at her insistently.


‘There you go, my little darling.’ Granny steps up the ladder, and helps Kitty get in her giant robot.

She roars with a diabolical laughter, ‘Meow meow meow, that will be their end!’, then turns toward granny, licks her hand and purrs as the old woman pets her one more time. She will return, of course, but for now, she has a mission.

Cyber Kitty joined the Dream Team…

…And King of Tokyo was complete! We have been going on and on about the KOT – verse, for weeks, but we haven’t taken the time to talk about the game itself.

King of Tokyo - Monsters

So, what is King of Tokyo?

King of Tokyo is a game in which you play giant monsters battling over the city of Tokyo. It is inspired from Kaiju, gigantic Japanese monsters. At the beginning of the game, each monster is the same, but you can boost yours by buying energy cards!!


To win the game, it is simple: you must either defeat all the other monsters, or be the first to gather up 20 victory points!

How to do it?

Each turn, roll the dice, up to three times, to get the best result possible. When you choose to re-roll, set aside the ones you want to save, and roll the other ones. You can get victory points, energy, smash, and hearts. If you roll three victory points of the same kind, gain as many victory points as the number. (eg: 1 +1 + 1 = 1 pt). Gain as many energy tokens as symbols on your dice, and heal yourself from as many points as there are hearts on your dice. When you roll smashes, you hit the other monsters. As soon as a monster reaches 0 health points, he is eliminated.

How does it end?

At the end of a turn when a monster reaches 20 Victory points, or when there is only one Monster standing: he is crowned King of Tokyo!

King of Tokyo - Photo


Players talk about it

One of the most successful games I have ever run.’ _Tom Vasel, the Dice Tower

King of Tokyo is an incredible game. Fun, tactically challenging, […] and it never gets old.’_Adam Potts, Techraptor  

The overall flavour of King of Tokyo is just cheery violence with your friends. [...] It is ridiculously fun and very easy.’ _Matt Lees, Shut Up and Sit Down

You can even watch Wil Wheaton play the game:


Wil Wheaton - King of Tokyo

So if you have never played King of Tokyo, don’t wait any longer, put on your best monster costume, and get ready to fight!


  • 66 power cards
  • 28 tokens and 2 green dice
  • 6 Monster boards, figures, & stands
  • Approx. 50 Energy cubes
  • 8 dice
  • 1 game board
  • 1 rulebook

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Publié le 6 October 2020

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