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Kitara - Conquer the Empire

Dive into the world of Kitara...

Kitara... You have been told stories since you were a child. You have been lulled to sleep with the sounds of its legend. It was more than a thousand years ago but no one has forgotten about the Empire of Light, founded by the mystical kings of the Bachwezi dynasty.

Work in progress

 The legend speaks of true heroes, hungry for new discoveries but also peaceful and progressive.

 It was a long time ago. The Empire has since collapsed and has been divided into independent kingdoms. The age of chaos and decline fell upon its ruins and only a memory survives...

 You have been brought up in defiance and division, but you are now the leader of your people! Only one thing is certain: the time has come for the Empire of Kitara to be reborn!

lion character


A Coveted Empire...

Other kingdoms have had the same idea and have started to expand. Soon you will meet them… though it is not war that you ask for. You shall not forget that there was a time when all of these peoples were united into one. You will conquer, you will have to step back sometimes, but blood will never be spilled. Your honour dictates such conduct but you will do everything in your power to stretch your influence and power.

Are you patient? Or reckless? Conquer new territories, manage your stocks, search through the ruins and recruit legendary soldiers in a strategic and intense game!


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Publié le 5 June 2020
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