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GU3ESS who's next

…You stretch your arm to reach the crown, and suddenly poof, you are gone again.

You are lying on the floor, your head is spinning. You open your eyes with difficulties, and manage to get on your feet.

This time, you find yourself in a cold, white, circular room. You move forward hesitantly, and notice that the room is completely empty, except for six tall Greek columns proudly circling the room.


No answer.

‘Can anybody hear me?’

Your voice echoes in the silence.

You are alone. This deadly silence is rapidly getting on your nerves, making you anxious. You have to find a way out. You start examining every column, every wall, and every detail you can find. You are starting to lose your patience. You run from one side to the other side of the room, your long hair floating on your shoulders. There must be a secret passageway somewhere!

As you run your fingers on one of the marble columns, something clicks. You hear stones moving, and look around to discover a newly appeared round mirror, in the centre of the room.

You carefully approach the mirror, but where you were expecting two eyes, you get a glimpse of a dozen pair of red eyes, in your hair, moving up and down, hissing feebly.

Guess what happens next…


Now you have a third clue. Who did you become this week?


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Publié le 31 July 2020

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