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Arena: For the Gods! will be available in August!

Maxime Rambourg (author of the critically-acclaimed The Big Book of Madness) is back with a hit!

IELLO is proud to present its new creation, Arena: For the Gods!, available now in English.  The availability and release dates of this game in additional languages may vary from one local distributor to the other.

In this fun, yet strategic brawling game, different heroes taken from various mythologies are fighting to the death using a plethora of equipments. Using your Health Points, make sure to bid on the right equipments the create destructive combinations that will lead you to glory!

"I have the feeling I've always been carrying this game" said, Maxime Rambourg, in an Author's Diary for French website Tric-Trac. About Paul Mafayon's work on the visuals, he also said: "I harassed the project manager to see the illustrations as they came, and I was like a kid in front of each weapon, of each mount..."

Discover more about the game in the trailer below:


Contenu du jeu


Publié le 19 July 2017

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Essen SPIEL'17 is approaching! Place your pre-orders now!

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New releases at Gencon!

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